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cat by shirls-art

Absolutely gorgeous! Wow!

You really don't stop to paint, and you're making incredible things!

I admire the sense of nobleness and solidity here. The texture. The colors.

But... I know you love color pencils, maybe i'm stll not used to it. Somehow i still feel the lack of something to be even more real, appealing, alive. It just looks static for me. I suggest you to draw and paint figures in action, movement, more expressive.

I'm also waiting to see an original creation of yours, without reference. What do you think? ;)

Anyway, it's just me challenging you, maybe you don't need or like this other Kind of stuff...
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MauricioKanno Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
interesting, which is this other kind of technique you referred to? and what are the few artworks you made without a unique reference? id like to see! note that im not myself good on doing things without reference, and i envy who can! i feel much like yourself. im just proposing it to challenge you.

i see you have a plenty of fans and admirers, and its obvious that your work is marvellous. but if i dont say the negative points i could see in my opinion and make suggestions, i fear i wouldnt help you to free your artistic potential of creation...

but if youre finding comissions to do by the way youre usually doing, great! maybe its just me not understanding the artistic market... so used to the market of illustration, among my friends.

(and im curious to know about the prices you can get on these... hehe. because im easier to work using references too!)

i happily accept your possible artwork without reference (if you dont feel bad doing that, of course...), but have in mind that this was just a suggestion for your own general improvement for freedom!
shirls-art Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
thanks i was trying out a different style and tecnique which i quit liked although i now mix what i learnt from this and mix it with my old tecnique,something in action sound a good idea,there are a few not too many without a ref mostly when i first started theyer not so good,i concentrate on realism as i im lucky enough to get a few comisions off the back of them which is what im aming for so the more practice from a reference the better for me,i would love to do something without a reference a good challenge i thinck,but putting down on paper what i see in my head i get stuck,i will try something soon just for you
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